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1957 ? Moraine PB


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Need help identifying; 

To the left #5455825 casting nbr from a PB cylinder marked 1957. I bought the NOS piston right, should be 1957.  Casting #5454890 -  don’t  have part number, but they are a little different. 

Is  this NOS piston correct for 1957?



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TomP … is a photo of my 1957 original M.C. Piston during my rebuild …. P.N. 5454898-2A and on inside … P.N. 5455825-1 as shown :   Mine is the same as yours on the left … So don't know what the right one is for but not I would assume for a 1957 Buick Moraine unit … unless Moraine did a PN & overall facelift on the piston somewhere along the 57 model year or 58 model year  … my car was off the assembly line early in the model run so perhaps Moraine changed somewhere along production given IF this right one is actually for a 57 …. You would really need to get  hold of a Moraine M.C. power parts list that shows the actual numbers …. but without knowing for sure I would not use it and I don't believe that my matching piston unit to yours is just a fluke ...






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Ok, thanks.

all three photos shows the 1957 piston unit -  should confirm that the left one in my picture to be correct for 1957.

So the one to the Right with casting nbr 5454890; (higher number), will that be a 1959? Or?

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