Brought An Old Buick Gas Pedal Back To Life!

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I recently bought a few 68-69 parts from Hossrod from his step-dad's 69 Riviera parts collection in Oregon. I got two very good 853 code Rallye wheels,  two front bumper marker light housings, a Buick gas pedal and left and right rear bumper tail light bezels. 


The gas pedal was a mess with embedded rocks and dirt in the crevices BUT the ball stud receptacles are not dry rotted and cracked. There was also some old paint on the ball stud receptacles and the metal backing plate was pretty rusty. The stainless steel trim was pretty dirty and scratched.


I removed the trim from the pedal and scrubbed both in soapy water, using a fine point dentist tool to clean the crevices and a steel brush and a Brillo pad to clean up the backing plate. I also used some fine steel wool in soapy water to clean the SS trim.


I then masked off the backside and spray painted the backing plate with primer then satin black paint. Apparently I missed a small spot on the lower edge!


I then replaced the reproduction Chevrolet gas pedal I had installed in the Aqua Zephyr with this authentic Buick unit. Now the interior looks normal again!


The results can be seen below.





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The fine details make for a fine piece. Can’t wait to see the tail lights.


Inspiring - I’ve been neglecting my Riv for working on my house.

where are my priorities? LoL


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Looks great Mike!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing your '68 at the park in September, I'll be sending that announcement out to NC members soon.

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