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'68 Camaro Price

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My wife's uncle has a '68 Camaro RS/SS that he bought new. In the mid-80's, he took it to a local body shop. He told the shop to tear it down and fix any rust spots and fix any spots that have been known to rust on Camaro's. After a year, he got the car back took it home and parked it. Hasn't been out of the garage since. I have seen ranges for these anywhere from about 20k to 50k. What is a reasonable price to pay?

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Coupe? Convertible? Engine? Transmission? Matching numbers? Current condition? Color? Options? Real RS/SS? What was the quality of that work in the 80s--new metal or bondo?


We don't really have enough information to make a good guess on a car like this because values vary greatly and pedigree matters in a big way. If it's come undone again in the past 30 years and it needs another restoration, it might be a $4000 car. If it's a Hugger Orange RS/SS396 convertible with a 4-speed, factory air, and its original drivetrain and remains in excellent condition and is only a fluid change away from being ready to drive, then it might be a $75,000 car.


More details will let us get closer. Photos would be even better. I'm guessing it's much closer to the low end rather than the high end and if it's been sitting that long, it's going to need A LOT of work.

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foto(s) would help in seeing the condition


plus if its been sitting for a bit, everything will need to be gone thru ( like rubber lines, hoses, seals, etc ... ). age is not a vehicle(s) best friend if its been sitting up for a long time 

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