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I am slowly working on getting my 65 Ford Falcon running again.

Still a lot of work to go. And I want to do this right, don't want to ruin anything in the process.


All the power steering fluid leaks out from the actuator/valve under the car, without it even running yet.

(This is something I will have to rebuild or replace later).


Right now, I just want to get the engine running again. It has been sitting for 35 years.

(I've drained the oil and coolant, and have new oil, filter etc, ready for when I'm ready to try starting it.


OK, my question is: Can I run the engine, with no power steering fluid in the pump, without damaging it?

Perhaps I can remove the belt, so it wont run power steering pump wont be running without fluid?


I still have a lot to do, before I get to that point. Carburetor is seized, and I have no spark.

Once I figure that out, I will fill it with new oil and filter, probably just use plain water for the coolant, at first.


I guess I can use gas from a small container, as the old gas has turned to varnish.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,







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Use extreme caution with a temporary small gas can. Use something like a lawn mower fuel tank, lash it down remotely and securely and run your hose properly and well clamped. When I was 16, I nearly burned up my '47 Ford and my dad's garage by not doing that. That was more than 50 years ago.  

My approach after that episode was to just fix the problem. In this case, I'd pull the fuel tank, have it cleaned out and sealed or replace it. Done. 

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