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1932 Hupp Engine Color????


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I can only comment on one Hupp, a 32 "I" 4dr 8 we once owned---if that engine ever had any paint on it, every speck of it was long gone by the time we bought it..my faded Cal title slip sez  6-1-59...

Wouldn't so comment except for what was obviously an impressive, expensive car outside, its interior was  plain to a fault; we'd always assumed the factory was on some kind of emergency cost-reduction program, saving on things like basic--very basic-- upholstery and touches like engine paint...

Reminds me of my Mothers old country phrase, something like (phon) Ober Huey, Unten Pfooey  (nice on the outside, no so nice on the inside)...in Hupps defense, it was probably built in late 31 or early 32. no time to be spending any more than you had to...

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