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"uber" for classic/collectible cars ??

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I don't know quite what to think of this new Hagerty program which features the rental of old, or classic/collectible cars.  On the one hand, I might spring for some sort of exotic rental (Ferrari or Porsche maybe?), but I don't think I'd ever make one of my cars available for rent through this program. 


Here on this forum, it seems that we receive fairly frequent requests tor classic/collectible car rentals for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, prom nights etc., and this Hagerty program could be the answer to those requests.


Here's a link to the program: https://driveshare.com/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=DriveShare_Announcement


What do y'all think?




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I think it would be good for someone contemplating buying a specific car yet never driven one, rent a similar car for a day and see if you still want one by the end of the day!


I didn't read the fine print, this obviously assumes Hagerty offers a rental insurance policy to cover your car.


Personally, I rarely have the occasion where a friend drives one of my cars, letting a stranger drive one doesn't work for me......

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After reviewing the Q/A (all 9) would have a few questions (tip of the iceberg here - I spent less than 5 minutes)


The provided insurance is limited to $1,000,000 TOTAL liability - that is really not a lot of coverage for a commercial enterprise (which an renter just became when they agreed to this).


They will NOT provide a copy of the insurance policy for review


it appears that renter is dealing with "Dreamshare" - not directly with Haggerty - how is Dreamshare tied in with Taggerty?


Does the insurance cover mechanical damage if there was no accident? With or without the ability to prove negligence on the part of the renter. You get your car back and the tranny doesn't work, motor has been over-revved, chassis damage from run flat, pothole, curb damage to tires and wheels, and ll the other things that can happen without hitting another car.


Remember the tax implications  - you just became highly visible 


And the list goes on ...........

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added note on tax liability (see edit history)
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What surprised me when I looked at what was available in some areas is the number of 2015-2017 cars, Mustangs, Mercedes, etc. for $300 - $500 a day. If you want something like that, I would think it would be cheaper to just rent a new one from a regular car rental agency.

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