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Hubcap ID help needed


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I am not familiar with the design on these hubcaps. I think they are off very early cars. Can someone shed some light on the year and name of the cars that might have used these hubcaps?


I think the one with a "P" might be Packard or Pierce-Arrow. The Overland was the easy one but not sure of the year. 









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C is for Chrysler, De is for DeSoto, P is for Plymouth. 


P is definitely NOT for Pierce-Arrow, whose caps always spelled "Pierce" with an arrow thru it. 


Oops – Keiser has responded while I'm typing and he will have the most authoritative word.

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Thank you. I am impressed. I would never have figured them out on my own and I certainly would have never thought the last one was a McLaughlin-Buick. The P for Plymouth makes sense as does the De for Desoto. The Chrysler "C" is very ornate.

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