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anyone have a source for longer front brake hoses?

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20 hours ago, D-a-n-i-e-l said:

Not sure what the cross reference is but as long as the banjo bolt is the same diameter I think these are just what you are looking for.




im not sure if it standard or metric but the bango bolt fit pretty well in my 10 mm open end wrench so i ordered them.thanks.

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7 hours ago, handmedownreatta said:

it turns out they sent me sae 3/8 24 hoses.i needed 10 mm which is what i ordered.

Glad to hear. I was feeling bad about recommending them and maybe worse about being wrong on the thread size.

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I ordered the EBay hoses and the ones I got don't fit either. I must have got the 3/8 24 hoses also. The Ebay ad must inaccurate in its description. Any new leads on longer hose that fits?

Keep in mind with the Camaro brake upgrade, the Reatta caliper location is on the front of rotor different from the rear mount Camaro. So if you want the Bleeder Screw on top, you have to mount the left Camaro caliper on the right and vice versa. Unfortunately when you do this, there is no way to use the Reatta brake hose even if you bend the bracket.

Anyway never seen that mentioned in this forum. Forgive me if this is common knowledge.  






2000 Camaro



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I was trying to find a replacement hose (locally) for my 1939 Buick and the people at NAPA were very helpful.

They had a vendor catalog that listed the different ends and lengths......you find what you need and hope they have it in stock.

There may be an online catalog that would do the same thing but I did not look.

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You may not have a logging supply that has a hydraulic hose shop where you are but we do. With absolutely no hassle, they made up a set of three slightly longer hydraulic hoses for our 1939 Buick project. Really nice stuff, fast turnaround and better pricing than aftermarket Buick parts suppliers. Look for a shop that does hydraulic hoses. Bob H

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Thanks I cheeped out and ended up using the 3/8 24 brake hoses I already purchased. The main problem with the them is that they use a Inverted flare instead of a Bubble and I could not find an adapter.  My solution was to purchase a 8 inch long brake line that had a 10mm Bubble on one end and a 3/8 24 Inverted in the other. Then cut the line to 2 inches and re-flare the Inverted end. Then I added a double female coupler to the Bubble end. Not the greatest but it works...



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