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2018 Eyes-on-Design Car Exhibit - Grosse Point, Michigan

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The 2018 "Eyes-on-Design Car exhibition will take place this Father's Day, June 17th, on the beautiful grounds of the Edsel and Elanor Ford Mansion in Grosse Point, Michigan. This show focusses on the styling beauty of transportation-related vehicals thru the decades. 

My original 1921 Kissel Model 6-45 Sport Tourster as pictured, will attend. It's an original car with 14,000 miles, but I have had to install a new top, wiring, and tires. 

Ron Hausmann P.E.




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Ron, your car looked beautiful at this years Eyes on Design.  Though we had a really hot day, it was an outstanding event.  The unique design of the Kissel body and the way the rear area of the top rolls was perfect for this type of an event, one which focuses on design.  Here are a couple other pics of some of the other outstanding early cars.  Bill




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