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Lock Set for 72 Skylark?


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If they aren't damaged, but just need rekeying, a reputable locksmith can do that. From what I've seen of the aftermarket lock sets, they usually have the door cylinders as one set (not including the deck lid or glove box) and then an ignition cylinder. In other words, just partial sets. GM only serviced them as bare cylinders with only the ignition cylinder coming with keys in it.

A good locksmith can take your door and deck lid cylinders apart, clean them, replace the tumblers and springs, lube things accordingly, and be good a new. More expensive than buying the ready made sets, but then you can use your existing door key, plus the ready made sets typically don't include the deck lid cylinder in them. The ignition cylinder (steering column) is best replaced with a new one (as that's the only one that key fits anyway).

Hope this helps . . .


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