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Car chase in the movie The Good Guys and The Bad Guys


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Just watched a funny one on TCM. The Good Guys and The Bad Guys, 1969, staring Robert Mitchum and George Kennedy.

  A western type "shoot-um-up" in the not so old west from probably circa 1910. The cars they use in many of the shots are a compilation of models from about 1913 thru 1926.

 One prominent one in many shots was a bright red 1915 Buick C-24 roadster. I at first thought that it may be similar to the one I saw at the 2014 Nationals at Portland.

34462905_260863d1406346311-avanti-r2-1963-refresh-p10303591.jpg.2be771b63baa9953ad4d51064e416e65.jpgThe one at the meet was about the same red but with black fenders. The one in the movie was all red with a black top.

823774027_th7.jpg.bfd54b02d7ac648cda419118a47fac2a.jpg The 1915 Buick to the left of Robert Mitchum at the end of the movie.

The car at Portland was (at the time 2014 ) recently purchased in California. Could it have been the movie car? One only wonders.  Anyway ... The climax is with train robbers chasing the train with the towns people chasing them in about 20 different 1912-1926 cars. All in a variety of bright colors. One shot shows what appears as a re-worked Leslie Special (from The Great Race 1965) Now painted bright red with the white Firestone tires as in the GR. It was stalled across the railroad tracks.


You guessed it.... it was cut in half by the locomotive... parts scattered everywhere.

thCALSZY5Z.jpg.635481f2588bacb6d172bd76d894bbc9.jpg I wonder if this was the true fate of this famous movie car?

 It was fun trying to name all the cars though.

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What I have noticed on movie car chases is the bad guys car always start's instantly while the good guy has to grind and grind on the starter till it's almost too late. Also, until Thunder Road, all movie engine sound tracks sounded like a straight eight Buick.

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