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Incredible automobile! And such a piece of history. The one, the only, Raymond Mays from the famous (and almost unbelievable!) photograph driving the three wheeled Bugatti!

Everyone reading this should make the connection and know what I am talking about.

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ERA, Thank you for the additional history of this fine automobile.  I look at some listings of interesting and early cars for sale because I like them, and enjoy reading about them. I wish I could be in the market for such cars, but that is not likely to happen. I rarely comment on "for sale" advertisements, but when I saw the name, and recognized the face in the two older photos, I wanted to say something about it. I feel the specific history of such an automobile adds so much to it. All antique and true classic automobiles help to connect us to our own histories, and help us develop an appreciation for what we have today.  Very special cars with specific histories do so even better.

Good luck with your sale!


Also, I hope you are doing well with your MS. I have had several friends with that condition. One I lost many years ago when he died way too young from a rare early onset form of the illness. A few others, have done very well and are continuing to enjoy moderately active full lives in spite of the disease. I bid you to do so well also. And believe me, personal attitude is very important.

Be well!

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Nice to see! For whatever reason one chooses to sell a collector car? Having it out and about is one of the best ways to sell it. Nothing says "this car is worthwhile" quite like it being driven and enjoyed.

That should be good for the car, and for you. 

Thank you for posting the picture!

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