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Fender Skirts

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20 minutes ago, dodgebrother said:

Thanks Keiser.

The emblem is different on these from the Chrysler though.

But the year range I think is correct.



That emblem copies the hood ornament on the 1938 Chrysler. Just sayin'....

1938 Imp hood ornament.jpg

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On 6/5/2018 at 11:46 AM, dodgebrother said:

Good point.

That is something that I did not previously compare to.

In your opinion what would you say a fair price would be on the skirts above I posted.






If it's any indication, new steel 37 - 40 MoPar skirts (NOT like original) are $385 a pair.  Yours appear to be in good shape and you have the year range right.  The skirts are the same for all four makes.  As Keiser said, the latch handle/emblem echoes the hood/grill ornament of the respective make and that's where the real value is - Chrysler like yours probably is the most common, Plymouth the rarest.

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