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1971 Boss 351 Mustang

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My Yellow 1971 Boss 351 is up for sale.  This is very nice restored car with LOTS of NOS stuff.   The following is a list of some of the NOS stuff:

·        Bumpers

·        Body decals

·        Hood pins

·        Door handle

·        Front spoiler (yes NOS spoiler)

·        Weather stripping...and more stuff

This is a nicely optioned car (not super optioned), but it has the options that most people want and put on their car even if it didn’t come with it.   Take a look at the Marti report.   It came with spoilers, and it came with Magnum 500.  It still has its original Ford Magnums on it that are in great shape.  Actually it still has lots of its original parts because they were in great shape.  Also it came with essential power steering (I had one without PS and it was tough steering unlesss you were drag racing).

It has original floors, doors, quarters.  It has NOS front fenders and hood.  It has about 65k miles on it.  Is it flawless?  No, the paint was never rubbed out so it has that 1971 paint finish.  But the NOS weather stripping just makes the doors close effortlessly. (How do you find NOS weather stripping?)

This car was built to be beautiful and to truly have a Boss 351 feel.  The original engine has been redone.  Since it was low mileage and everything mic'ed up well, it has the original pistons. It has a new cam ground to the original specification.  Heads were redone with hardened seats, crank was cut, bearings...The original carb was rebuilt, as was the original distributor.  Rebuilt water pump.  Original intake and exhaust manifolds. The engine is stock, stock, stock, just like it came.  Yet, when we finished breaking in the motor on the dyno, it pulled 360HP! (I have the dyno sheet).  All the important Boss parts are HERE! Original engine, carb, dual point distributor (with correct vacuum advance), exhaust manifolds, intake, 65amp alternator, rev limiter, original trans and rear.


It also has a new clutch and pressure plate shocks...and more. We also rebuilt the power steering pump, and the power brake booster.  All the brakes are redone, the front end is rebuilt, and it has a new factory exhaust.  New gas tank...and more stuff.

The interior is a combination original and new.  Seats are original, carpet is new, headliner is new, and the center gauge panel is new (I like it when that chrome looks good on that panel).  Original dash pad.  We took out the gauges, cleaned, checked and fixed all the gauges.   Tach works, lights work.  Oh and it has NOS tail lights.

I purchased this car as a project from a friend that had a Mustang NOS parts business.  He had it for years.  This was going to be the car he was going to keep.  Well he had to move and he couldn't take it all.  He gave me all the NOS stuff that he had with the car.

This is a very nice car that was redone to look and feel like it was 1971.  It starts easily, has good oil pressure and doesn't overheat.  Doors close great, steers as good as it can with Wide Ovals. Mechanical lifters tap. Take it to shows (yeh you can drive it, but you need a little octane booster for those original 11+ compression).  It's fast. 

Price is very reasonable.  $62,000  Call me if you have questions, 215-620-8744. 





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