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Easy way to reduce file size of pictures for posting pictures

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After you take your picture with your cell phone .Tex. it to your own phone #   or your favorite buddy  that you talk to all the time after you Tex. it the resolution size will drop in my phone 13% of original size most of the time or less . after the Tex. is done save the  " new picture " in your gallery, or start a" post it" file in your phone.  Now the picture below my 1925 master roadster   was 4.5 MB before the Tex. was sent .the second pic. I just like but thats just me --kyle 



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This is what I do. I right click on the picture. Then choose open with paint. Then go to the view tab. Then select zoom. Then custom, and then click 50%. Then hit save and your file will be half of the original size. That's for XP. If you're using Windows 7 then click on the re size tab on the home screen and change the 100% to 50% and save. Works every time for me.

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