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FCA May End Chrysler line

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I don't think anyone is suggesting that Fiat has never had any reliability problems. There are certainly brands with a better reliability record. The thing is, in the US, Fiat is constantly made out to be the worst thing ever, and it just isn't true. People who have actually owned, driven, serviced them, (a very small minority in the US) know otherwise. Italian quality did slip in the mid to late 70s, but it never slipped as far as Detroit did during those dark days.


Like most Italian makes back in the day, Fiats mechanical parts were made out of the best materials available. Interior plastics, etc, were made out of the lightest stuff available in the interest of weight saving. Generally the lightest stuff turns out to be the cheapest crap available.


As for Consumer Reports, I am not suggesting they are subject to behind the scenes influence, and their methods suggest they should be quite unbiased. The fact that they buy all the stuff they test impresses me. The trouble is, where cars are concerned, in the 80s and 90s I saw them missing the mark badly over and over again. This extends to automotive related things like tires. They seem to ask all the wrong questions. They really don't get it.


I have taken their recommendations on things I know little about, like garbage disposals, dishwashers, etc. Honestly, it has turned out OK. Every time I do it though, I think about their car picks, and wonder If I could have done better throwing darts.


As for the quality FCAs current products, I have no experience. I have talked to several "new 500" owners over the past few years. People love them. My complaints about FCA only have to do with things I perceive to be stupid marketing, like Alfa Romeos with no clutch option, etc.


People should drive what they want. If the picks in Consumer Reports make you happy, go for it. I swear I won't try to stop you. :D


I wonder what Consumer Reports would think of this car?



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What about Fiat, from european point of view. In fact, they have only one strong - selling car  europewide -  the Panda. Most of their cars sell only in Italy; all these "500 - variations" are quite common there and almost invisible elsewhere. The quality... Fiat was never considered a quality car, rather the entry - level automaker, worse than Renault, Citroen, VW or so, slighly above Dacia and Skoda. Most of their cars rusted quicly and were known for unreliability - I can't remember when I last time saw Fiat Bravo (1995-2001), quite common at it's time. It's competitors are still common. Also, their more advanced cars were not popular, mostle because lack of splendour and make connections to the low - end.


But there is one strong point of Fiat. Small cars. Cinquecento, Seicento, Panda, Punto. They have always sold well, been produced in huge quantities and had long production run.


Also, they have quite strong position & probably big profit on third world markets, such as Brasil.

And their other makes? Alfa Romeo is marigin and object of jokes as the most unreliable cars in the world. Lancia does not exist by now outside the Italy and it will be buried within few years. The most stupid decistion their ever made was selling Chryslers in Europe as Lancias. I had never seen one on road, but I know about the guy who went to their showroom and ordered new "Lancia Voyager", mentioning that he will buy it only if it would be badged as Chrysler.

The problem of Lancia is also problem of other non - German luxury car manufacturers. For some reason, in 1990s, european luxury car market was divided between Lancia, big french cars (Citroen XM, Renault Safrane, Peugeot 605), Saab, Volvo and german manufacturers. All these cars were selling quite well. Most of them were replaced by their successors in mid '00s, with such lovely cars as Citroen C6, Lancia Thesis and so on. Those cars were sales flop, with ~~12 000 of Lancias and ~~30 000 of Citroens sold, both manufactured for about 8 years. By now, european luxury car market is Benz, Audi, BMW and Volvo and a little of Lexus.

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