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Hall Effect Pick-Up Coil Testing

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Anyone know the testing procedures for the hall effect pick-up coil for 89 TC, SOHC, 4 Cyl turbo?  Have a no-start, no-spark situation  and trying to determine the cause, already changed out various components as indicated on previous posts, now starting to re-troubleshoot to determine if any of the new components are faulty.

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Step 1: have you run the codes on the car to see if the computer is saying there's something wrong?


Step 2: if you crank the engine over, does the tach bounce? If not, HEP is probably dead.

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2 hours ago, no1parfive said:

Tach does not bounce or move, will replace HEP, hope that solves the problem.  Codes were 12 and 55, which I checked previously and didn't give any info.

Have you verified that the timing belt is NOT broken or teeth stripped? There have been several people, over the years, that have failed to verify that FIRST. 

An easy way is listen to how the engine sounds as you crank the starter. Does it sound like it has compression?

Another easy way is to remove the distributor cap and observe the position of the rotor, if you are by yourself testing, just hit the starter a little and recheck the rotor position. Has it moved?

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