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Minerva automobiles

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8 hours ago, Michael C Wauhop said:

No, I do not own one as of yet but I would like to!


i have one for sale. (In Belgium)  if interested.  There is a club in Antwerp for Belgian cars/bikes whit a great potential of info for Minerva. called Belgian Vehikel herritage club. But not much going on.

Last year there was a great rally but onley 15 cars apeared.  10 years before stil over 40. 

21 June there wil be a Cars and cofee Meeting whit as thema Belgian cars/bikes. Last year 6 Minerva's showed up and a lot of owners/enthousiast ho said to come this year. 

I'm restoring one at this moment, or better, hope to make it run again. 

I have one for sale. a 1928 model in verry good condition and fair price if you would be interested. I think they are difficult to find in the USA.

picture of cars and cofee last year. 


belgische dag peer 2017 (13).JPG

belgische dag peer 2017 (97).JPG

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