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On the way to a cruise last night, I noticed the tachometer needle laying in front of the display.  It does not appear to be broken off.  It looks like it is just threaded on to a shaft or pressed on.   Can anyone tell me what I may encounter when I take the dash apart?  (I know how to remove the remove the  dash panel)    89 SOHC


If the needle just presses on to the shaft,  I won't know where to set the reading as I know that it is common the tachometer to read more than 500 or 600 rpms when the ignition is off.   Any advise?  

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The needles are a press-fit on the shaft. The way I reinstall them is have the cluster face off, turn the key "on". This "zeros" the tach and then I just carefully stick it back on. Make sure that the needle doesn't contact the gauge face over its sweep. You can hook a DRB or an inductive tach up to make sure the needle is positioned correctly.

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