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I have not seen any mention on this forum of the Rock Auto Closeout list that they send out periodically .  This is a copy of the e-mail I received today.   


We have a limited number of wholesaler closeout parts available for your 1989 CHRYSLER TC MASERATI and possibly other vehicles you work on. Wholesaler closeout parts come from manufacturers, retailers or distributors who, for whatever reason, decided to reduce or liquidate inventory. We pay less for these parts and can offer them to RockAuto customers at bargain prices. Some of these products were discontinued by manufacturers and may be hard to find after these closeout parts are sold. If you are planning for future repairs or if you have postponed maintenance, now is a great time to buy the parts you need! 

The links below display the wholesaler closeout parts available for your vehicles. Wholesaler closeout parts are also listed in the RockAuto catalog alongside our regular inventory.

Wholesaler closeouts for your 1989 CHRYSLER TC MASERATI:

We regularly add new wholesaler closeout parts to the RockAuto catalog. We will send an update email like this one, covering up to three of your vehicles, at most once every three months. To be notified immediately when a closeout part for your vehicle is added to our catalog, sign up for our RSS feed by clicking an RSS icon in our catalog.



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This is called good marketing. 

Some of the parts are a good deal, some are not.  Before ordering, double check the prices vrs eBay.

Sometimes Ebay is a lot cheaper.  Also, make SURE that the parts are definitely a fit for your year and model.  Just because they say it will fit doesn't mean it really will.


I wrote a article about this on this forum earlier in the year, check it out for the full story.

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Not to sound controversial, but I guess I am, I would sooner recommend RockAuto.com than eBay any day. Rock auto is whom I buy from if I don't have the part in my parts inventory.

I have been in the Chrysler repair business over 50 years and had, HAD, always used MOPAR parts at my own shop for over 20 years, however, as the dealers have less and less, I find RockAuto to be one of the easiest and least expensive places to buy parts. If you should order the incorrect part, they have a return policy. And if they send you the wrong part when you have ordered the correct one, such as a master cylinder or brake pads, just let them know it was packaged incorrectly and they will make good. The wisest thing when buying parts from them is to most always order one of the most costly, yet similar type part. Do not buy Airtex electric fuel pumps, just my opinion, once again. They do also sell even cheaper knock-off crap.

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