George Albright

1899-1903 Locomobile steamer boiler. $950. See info, photos

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(Dear Friends. The photos are too large to load. Please email me for photos of the boiler if interested. Thanks,George.)   I recently acquired the chassis and boiler of a 1901 Locomobile steam car. The car was always restored but was destroyed in the Napa Valley Calif fire in 2016 or 2017. All that remains is the chassis and boiler. I have a use for the chassis. The boiler is for sale for $950 OBO. Just recouping my chassis acquisition costs. Have no idea the condition of the boiler after it was in the fire,but it looks good in the photo provided to me by the prior owner,before she wrapped it up and shipped it to me. It weighs approx. 200 lbs, but is only 2 feet across and 2 1/2 feet high. Find a shipper on and Ebay company, I frequently use to move cars and parts. No other parts for sale. Please share with your steam guys. Thanks,George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  email  cell weekdays 10-4 EST best  352 843 1624


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