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Mercury monterey 1959 312 cid, what transmission?

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I am soon to be an owner of 1959 Mercury Monterey 312 with automatic transmission and planning for maintenance. Car has original 80 000 miles on it and transmission has not been rebuilt.


- I am trying to figure out what transmission my car has, I believe it is FX or MX?

- what transmission oil should I use, type F or dexron II, or something else?

- how much oil is needed, when changing the oil?

- does the transmission have a washable filter?


Thanks for help.

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Congratulations on your purchase!  The '59 Ford's and Mercury's are very nice cars!  A 3 speed manual transmission was standard on the Monterey with the Merc-O-Matic automatic being a $173.00 option.  I believe the Merc-O-Matic is a 2 speed transmission using type F fluid, Dexron is for newer transmissions.  I'm not sure of the refill capacity.  The filter should be removeable to either clean or replace.  I would recommend getting a '59 Shop Manual.



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