WANTED - Brass Troy Windshield Parting Strips - Channels

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WANTED: the two brass parting strips (channels) that separate the upper and lower panes on a brass Troy windshield. 


See photo below - the red arrows are pointing at the parting strips. 


The parting strips are 39.5" long. The outer measurement of the channel is 5/16". The inner measurement of the channel is 1/4" x 1/4". Refer to drawing below. 


I mainly need just the parting strips but if you have a partial or complete brass Troy windshield, I would also be interested in purchasing. 


If you have parting strips from another brand of windshield such as Rands, Victor, Standard, Metzger, etc. that I may be able to adapt to my situation, I may also be interested in them. 


Or, if you know someone who can fabricate the parting strips, please let me know. 


Thank you for your help. 





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