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Any help identifying this car?


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Hi all,


I’m new to this forum so hope my question is appropriate and posted in the right place.  If this should be asked somewhere else, my apologies. 


My hope is that someone can identify the make, model, and/or year of the 2 cars in the attached photo. They’re from a family photo taken between 1953 and 1960.   Not a lot there to go on I know but thought the “logo” on the trunk of the light car in the garage and the name which I can’t read on the side of the dark car might be enough for someone. 


Thanks in advance for  any help.  




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Anybody else notice the similar brown and white shoes on the lady and gent.  I was never able to wear two-tone shoes....too clumsy with the polish.

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The 53 Ford is the Customline model. 

Differentiated  from the cheaper Mainline by the long molding on the 1/4 panel blister. \

If the standing woman would step to the side, we could see what type of transmission it had. ?

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