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1931 Ford Model A-400 Convertible Sedan

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A beautiful, well preserved high quality restoration of an extremely rare Model A Ford. I am listing this for an older friend who doesn't do computers and has decided it's time to part with this car. I took several photos that I can email, but for detailed information I will provide the owner's phone number. The owner and the car are in NW Indiana. Asking price is $49,995.

Hank Feinberg









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PM sent to Jeff. My email is correct: oldcars1959@gmail.com    

The significance of my email address is that I bought my first antique car in 1959. I guess that makes me......................sort of old, too.

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It hasn't even been a month. Are you advertising it anywhere else but this message board? This is not an effective place to sell a car, particularly not a valuable one, mostly because everyone here already has their cars. 


We sell about 15 cars a month and I tell every seller that it's quite rare for any car to sell in less than 90 days, and that's with a professional marketing program, studio photography, videos, and global advertising. Sometimes it's a matter of price, but more often it's just a matter of time. A few weeks on a message board isn't nearly enough to get a beautiful car like that Model A sold at a market-correct price. Heck, send it over to me here in Cleveland and I'll get it sold for you/him and since it comes from this board, I'll skip the listing fee so it will cost exactly $0 out of pocket to list it with us (other than the cost of getting it here, which I can help with). I love the car and would love to have it in inventory if your friend would like some help getting it moved.


Let me know. Thanks!

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I like the looks of a convertible sedan with the top up, but not down - just my taste, but somehow the window frames don't look right to me.  Anyway yes, it is a beautiful car - good luck with the sale.

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