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Jonathan Winans

Elcar 8 Emblem (Repo) 1927-1928

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 I am not much on reproduction parts, but if you can't find one, I guess it's ok to have one at least until I find an original. This was done in CAD by a friend in New Zealand for me and uploaded to a site here in the U.S. I was not charged for the programming (good friend), so final cost was under $19 plus shipping. I am putting the link here for future searches and reference for anyone in the future that may need one. They paint very nice. but could also be used as a casting pattern.


Excuse my painting, I am sure it could be done much better by someone that don't need glasses. Feel free to buy one if you just want one for the heck of it, I am in no way making money off this, so this is not an ad.





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