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1952 Hydra-Matic shifting

Fleetwood Meadow

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I broke the control valve panel on my ‘52 Cadillac. I took the one off my parts car, same year, model, and transmission, and adjusted the bands. The car wouldn’t shift out of 1st gear. So I took it back out and cleaned it. Everything moved perfectly and smoothly. Now it shifts from 1st to 2nd, but I can’t get it to shift to third. I’ve tried to adjust the T.V. rod according to the book and it didn’t help. I loosened the T.V. rod nuts so it didn’t create any pressure and that didn’t work. Am I missing something that I can adjust? I see nothing in the shop manual that talks about this. 


Any advice would be helpful. And yes I know that many people say to rebuild them whenever they have the slightest problem but I’d like to try to fix this in car before sending it out to someone. 



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