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37 OD woes


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Had a 350 Turbo automatic trans in my old 37 for years with zero problems but with a 2.73 rear end hilly areas made it grunt. Went with a 2004R OD automatic coupled to a 4.11 rear end which is perfect BUTT the trans has been problematic so far. I used the 200 as it needs no floor modification to fit while the 700R4 would. I caused the first boo boo when I put a so called "good" transmission in and the car would not move forward or reverse. Pulled pan and there was clutch and band pieces laying on the bottom. Put in freshly built trans with converter but DID NOT clean cooler. Debris from bad trans wedged in the selector piston bore where 2nd gear band didn't get enough pressure and end of story. Back to trans shop for another re-work and this time anything that has fluid flowing through it is getting flushed or replaced. Just to think this was supposed to be less pricey than a Hone-a-Matic (now called Gear Venders?). Two things observed: maybe a 200 really is as bad as some people say and second, I getting way to fast at R&R an automatic in a 37 Special---a title I never wanted.

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NO, my WIFE wanted an automatic. I really like the old BW's for just about anything. We do really long trips and it is nice to have a co-driver where I can do some position shifting and leg stretching. Wore out the original 248 (twice) and now have quite a few miles on the 1952 263.

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Overdrive troubles SOLVED. TCI has a "constant" pressure valve body that completely does away with getting the TV (detent or kickdown) cable adjusted just right. The cable becomes just a shift point selector and has no bearing on throttle valve pressure---it's constant so no more slipping. I have presented this since the 2004R overdrive automatic fits a 37 Special without frame or floor modification, is probably cheaper than the Gear Venders OD, and MOST important---no more "I wish I could drive this car" wife comments.

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I was trying to teach my baby, to drive a standard shift

She said it was her birthday, I said this was a gift

She's driving daddy's Lincoln, all around town

She never had to shift, to put the pedal down

And now she's got a muscle car that she can't drive

She never had no gears, and now she's got 5


Slamming into first, grinding them gears

I told her about the clutch but she said she didn't hear

Two strips of rubber, driving along

I said slow down, but she said I was wrong

The RPM is climbing fast, this motor's going to blow it just can't last


First gear, second gear, third gear, four

She pulled up on the highway, wouldn't you know

She said honey I don't know, if I'm ready

I said baby youre driving like Richard Petty



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Had tears in my eyes from laughing. Better outcome than when I tried to put my wife onto a standard transmission---total disaster. I had a Soviet Union jeep back in the 60's when there was no trade between the USSR and the U.S. Guy that worked for Collins Radio brought it back from South America and shortly after broke the transmission. I stuck a SB Ford in it with a 3sp manual trans, screwed the idle up to about 800rpm, showed her how to use a clutch, and got out of the way. Even with the factory 5.14 rear gear she managed to kill the engine every time while trying to get underway. For my blood presser and our marriage never tried again; thus the auto in the old Buick.

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