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Fuel Pump Test


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Since I got my 88 fixed - thanks to you guys, I thought I'd take another look at my 1990 Coupe. It is not getting gas, but will start and run fine with starter fluid. I don't have a test gauge, so I was planning to run a lead from the battery to the green fuel pump test lead in order to see if it works. I have a question - will simply applying a lead to the positive side of the battery complete this test circuit even if a relay is broken, or a wire is broken in the fuel pump circuit? I am wondering if this is an "independent" circuit to test the pump only, not the rest of the circuit? 


Also, should I just pop for a new relay before trying this at all? I've read through some of the posts regarding this problem, but I'm still confused where to start on this issue. Thank you for reading.

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OK, I put the VOM on it. I'm getting.05 V right after the key is turned on, which drops to .03V after about 30 seconds. A lead from the + battery to the test connector does nothing with the key on or off. Broken wiring? Relay? I'm stumped.

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