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I ordered a cover for my '65 Riviera from Barney in the ULTRATECT material. I received it today and I am very happy with it. I like this particular material because it is a woven fabric and to me it feels more substantial than the non-woven type materials. The fit of the cover is very snug and well tailored to the car. A nice feature is the special plastic grommet supplied for installation on the antenna hole opening. My wife sewed an extra piece of vinyl material on the inside of the cover to provide some additional reinforcement in the area where the grommet would be installed. I think it is highly likely that this car cover will outlast me! Thanks for your help Barney.

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Posted (edited)

Update......this offer is over, but the price below are still good for 1963 to 1985 Riviera until further notice........

Just to be clear Covercraft does not have one pattern to fit all those years...there are 5 different patterns that cover the body changes.

.......Covercraft is giving a 10% discount on all covers with Kimberly-Clark material.

Go to and look at the following cover materials below....if you are interested my prices are below, do the math (10% off) and that would be the new price.

* NOAH   $ 302

* Block-it 380  $216

* Evolution  $ 267

* Dustop   $284

* Multibond  $186

My price includes shipping in the US........Covercraft offer good until Aug 1 2018

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