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Two pictures show several plates from a 24 1/2" x 14 1/2" 1939 Packard Body Type Portfolio. This Spirol-Bound Book had been dismantled with SOME PLATES MISSING. The plates that are left are in beautiful color and suitable for framing. The Body Types covered are: "NEW SIX"; "ONE TWENTY"; and "SUPER EIGHT". "WHAT IS LEFT" are: a SIX Business Coupe Plate; EIGHT "ONE-TWENTY" Plates; and FOUR "SUPER EIGHT" Plates.

( "I believe the Portfolio is "MISSING" Four of the "SIX" Plates; and ONE "SUPER EIGHT" Plate.). The Front and Rear Imitation Leather bound covers and Tabbed Divider plates are there. Everything is in Good Condition .

$225.00 PLUS Shipping.

Questions? Contact  blincoln  at



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