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My neighbor's new/old truck....


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I guessing you could see/find an old car brushing your teeth in the morning. They must grow old cars where you live.

That is funny Xander  . There must be a Bermuda Triangle out there in Oregon .  As I live in a city with a population of 200,000 and I never see as many cars as Keiser 31 does in his home Town .
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10 hours ago, cahartley said:

I swear keiser could go scuba diving and find old cars....... :wacko:

Funny you should mention that. Went scuba diving the other day and....

VW in the water.jpg

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Cars are where you find them. Years ago we restored a '19 International that was found on the 4th floor of an abandoned toilet paper factory in Philly. Our customer was in the trucking biz and one of his drivers noticed the vehicle peeking out from a building that was being demolished. Our customer hustled to Philly and bribed a crane operator to lower the vehicle onto his trailer. Keiser does seem to have a knack for seeing antiques wherever he looks.

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