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speedometer cable and wiper control questions

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I hope someone can tell me if a 41-48 ford speedometer cable will work on my 42 L.C., my cable mounts to the torque tube just behind the transmission. second question will a trico 3 port wiper control switch from a 41-42 ford/mercury work on 42 L.C. I am missing both of these parts. thanks in advance for any help.

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         I doubt either will work, look on ebay or call Chris Herrill for easy good correct parts...Lincoln is much larger, longer automobile

than similar Ford....Do you have overdrive ?? that will lengthen it as well......You could probably make something work, but if you have to chase

parts, chase correct ones...they are plentiful! Remember, that every authentic part you install adds that much more value to your machine!

heres 2 pics, I think grey knob may be ford, fuzzy pic chrome iz lz for sure both on the bay...........

frd wpr.jpg


run down to the store.jpg

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