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Buick 1946 special 2door


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Hey guys new to the forum ,. I’m here to learn from you guys . I just bought this Beauty looking for some knowledge. My first question is how hard is to put a 350 block in , looking to see if I can also add power steeling and lifted 3 inches because of the bad roads . Any input guys ?? 

Is the only pic I have right now 


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Hi 1946coupe, and welcome to the wonderful world of AACA forums ! Also thank you for posting the picture of your "new" old car. Just beautiful lines!  First, where in the world are you that the roads are so rough that you need a lift ? About 35 years ago I modified a '71 Eldorado convertible to stand tall and explore all over Mexico. If you need to modify a car for rough roads, off roads, and no roads, part of the equation must be correct choice of tires. Also you have to consider low clearance components (transmission pan in the Eldo for example - I did not protect it with a skidplate. Needed all the clearance I could get. I just carried a spare pan, gasket, and Trans oil. Did I eventually need it ? You bet I did ! You will get good advice from me and the REAL experts here. More from me later. Glad you joined us.  -  Cadillac Carl 


P.S.  What is wrong with the engine in it ? 


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