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I just joined Hupmobile club, "again," sorta


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My parents were Hupmobile enthusiasts for decades. I grew up riding around in one Hupp or another. Their first Hupp was a very nice 1929 Model S 4-door sedan (later this same car was owned by Don Roetman, who lived nearby). When my parents were killed in a car accident in 1978, I was just 23, married with my first child. We went through tough times, for several years. I inherited Dad and Mom's 1923 Hupmobile touring car, but hardly ever drove it.


Mom n Dad had bought in July of 1962, during the summer between my 2nd and 3rd grade years of elementary school. They drove it all over the place, and I rode in the back. In 1974, it led the little parade from the church to the reception when my girl and I were married. When my parents were killed, I put it away for a few years. Then my own sons wanted to ride in it, and I got active in our local chapter of AACA again. Then the kids got older, life got tougher, and the car was put away for years...again. 


Last year my grandkids asked if they could ride in the old Hupp. I fooled around and got it running again, and drove them around the neighborhood. I couldn't believe the enthusiasm they showed for the old car. Suddenly the Hupp was fun again. But the original leather upholstery was totally shot. So last winter an Amish craftsman totally replaced the interior. Beautiful work!


I hope to drive it again this summer. But I'm starting to encounter questions about the car, which I would like to ask of other Hupp owners. It occurred to me that I should join the Hupmobile club, which I did. I mailed in my application about 3-4 days ago. Hopefully I'll be accepted into the club. I look forward to exchanging ideas and information with other Hupp club members. 


Photo is my family, circa winter of 1966. I'm the dorky kid with white pants. 

Hupp fur coats lo rez.jpg

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Well I  would as  a charter member of  the  Hupmobile Club, welcome you to  the  family  of  Huppers.   I  call it  a family  because the  people you  meet through the  club  and  on the  great  tours  the  club  has are  so  friendly and  come  from  all walks  of  life. If  you  have the opportunity to  go on a  hupp club  tour you  will see for  yourself what  i  have been  talking  about. 

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