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Brass Era Experts Needed

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1 hour ago, Steve Moskowitz said:
1 hour ago, Steve Moskowitz said:

in a box of car junk




Here is Olds first prototype as the very early cars were converted from buckboards and many had a step plate. More than likely the guys are right but I would not make a call to soon. By 1906 step plates were all but gone and replaced by running boards. More protection from splashing mud as there was not many paved roads  or trails. Easier for the ladies to get in plus a spot to place the carbide generator and other articles. The leather covered fenders were all gone by then also for the running  boards to attach to.    


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Joe, I still have a 1903 Olds and have had several others including a 1902.  I have seen hundreds of step plates for early cars but none quite this small.  That is why I an inclined to believe the idea that they may be buggy.  They are NOT early Buick.  I am still trying to research the stylized B to see if it matches anything but the day job is getting in the way.


BTW, I love car junk!  I am going through 2 boxes of assorted car parts I got this week that seem to be from everything under the sun and these plates were in it!

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