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Front and rear glass trim removal


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Okay guys I need some quick advice. Maybe I'm just not getting the manual but here's what I know: upper molding is removed with the glass, lower molding comes off before the glass is removed. 


Im stuck getting this bottom belt off and I want to get it off for the paint shop this Tuesday. I'm also at a loss for the rear window trim. 


Any help is greatly appreciated! 



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Agree with Ben Bruce. Nuts for rear belt molding can be accessed from inside trunk; lay on your back inside trunk and look up on bottom side of area at base of window. Likewise, same deal for belt molding at base of windshield. Look for nuts underdash at base of cowl area. Both front and rear moldings may have small Philips-head screws at on the door frame ends of the piece as well. Recommend wearing a headlamp and probably having an extension socket available. If original wiring, plan on maybe wearing a dust mask and goggles. That old fabric-covered wiring likes to rain all sorts of dust and crap in your eyes, nose, and mouth...Nuts may not need to be entirely removed. I've sometimes had success in loosening to nearly the last couple threads. This should allow you to pull molding out and away from body. You can then try to slide molding off the retainer clips. Take your time, there will probably be rust and crud build-up on the backside of the molding's track. They may take a bit of finagling since the moldings are hockey-stick shaped. After removal, I usually wire brush them out, and maybe apply a bit of WD-40 or other type of lubricant that will dissipate once dry after the molding is back in place.

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On the lower front windshield molding, pull it towards you and it will slide off.  You might need to tap with a very soft hammer in the area of the wipers.  May be best to leave it where it is at, since removing it will lead to more disassembly (to get the screen off the dash needs to be removed to remove the wiper transmissions).

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