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How to make a clickable link?

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I'd like to add a "click here for more photos" link in my newsletter but am not sure how to do that.  I'm using publisher then converting to a PDF.

Thanks for the help!
Annie :)

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1. Type "Click here for more photos."

2. Highlight the word "here."

3. Right-click on the highlighted word "here," and select "hyperlink."  

4. A dialog box will pop up with a space at the bottom labeled "Address."  Type the full web address in the space.

5. Click "OK."


The word "here" will now appear in blue.  While you are working in Publisher, you will need to use CTRL-Click on the word "here," in order to go to the web site.

Once the document is saved as a PDF, you can move the mouse over the word "here" and click.


I hope this is clear.  Please let me know if you have difficulty.  



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A quicker way is to highlight the words that you want to make clickable. Then do CTRL + K. This will open the dialog box where you enter the address.


Hope that helps.

Judy Edwards

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