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Hi everyone, just got back from the Auburn show, terrible weather but was still enjoyable show/auction, the tour of the ACD museum made everything worth while, i am in the process of planning a trip to Australia/New Zealand next year from Feb1-Mar 3, was wondering if anyone has info on any car shows/meets during that time, any info would be helpful, I am predominantly a Buick guy, again any info will greatly be appreciated, thanks Bob

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G'day Bob,

There aren't (m)any BIG car shows in Australia at that time.

However the Napier Art Deco Festival in New Zealand during 13th - 17th February 2019 has a great car parade through the streets culminating in a Car Show.

And here's  link to an Aussie Website with some car events listed, it will fill out more for 2019 the closer we get to it

Suggest that, seeing you're a Buick guy, get in contact with the Buick clubs here. Here's a couple of them.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Near Melbourne, will be  Annual Picnic at Hanging Rock Classic Car Show

2018 was 11 Feb.  2019 will be about the same weekend. Maybe Sunday 10th Feb

Get about ~2000  collectable cars.  All years & models. A lot of 70 & 80's cars. A few Buick's will show up.

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