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Hup 20 engine details


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If you were looking at a Hupmobile 20 in the showroom in 1911, how would the engine look? Was it painted after the flywheel and oiler were installed, what color was it painted, were all the brass bits polished or as cast? A few photos of proper restored engine compartments would be nice to see. Bob 

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Here's my take on the Hupp 20 engine and colors, I welcome concrete proof that what I state isn't true, but I've been fooling with Model 20's for over 40 years.  There are always exceptions to the rules, but remember too that a car restored in 1950, and done incorrectly, can now look like what we have in our mind's eye as an "original" car and skew beliefs about what's correct.


Engine, flywheel, oiler canister, transmission, all painted black.  Remember that this was a time when such paint would have been brushed on, or daubed on with a rag, so it wasn't a shiny finish.


Magneto would be painted black and have polished brass, it was supplied by Bosch and nicely finished.  Same true of the Breeze carb, would be nice looking.


Exhaust manifold probably bare metal, intake manifold painted black.


Other brass pieces, probably just as they came out of the box, not polished but remember they were brand new (oil tube cover, lock nuts on oiler, etc.) so they'd still be shiny.


From illustrations I've seen, all running gear painted black, fenders black, frame and body and gas tank a poppy red almost orange (I have a sample that was from an original car, it's not fire engine red, it does have orange in it).


Seats plain black leather, with each seat have a seam on each side as it curves.


Late 1910 the dark blue body color was introduced.

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Very interesting info.

what do you believe the wheel colour would be? I see a couple with cream wheels.


i am looking at one to purchase myself and this info helps greatly.


is there a list of engine and chassis numbers to coraspond to a year?

which bring me to another point,  is there chassis numbers and location and same with the engine numbers?


any info greatly appreciated 



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The actual serial numbers are posted on the Hupmobile club site, I think.


roughly, 1909 is 1 to 1500, 1910 is 1500 to 6500, 1911 6500 up, there were some 20's made in 1912 but don't remember the division.


Most of the first two years production cars were painted red with black fenders, and I've verified from original paint that it was a poppy red, tending toward orange.  Blue cars came out late 1910 I believe, and some ads show them with cream wheels.


no chassis numbers.  There should be a plate on dash which gives serial number.  Engine number (rarely if ever same as serial number) is on top of engine flange that bolts to transmission.  There's also a transmission number on the corresponding transmission flange.

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G,day Simon. Couple of questions first.  First up is this the car recently listed in Sydney either way who owned it and who restored it. ? Edgar Bowen and John Burke compiled a list of all known Hup 20 existing in Australia and Edgar contacted and spoke to every owner that he could find. Unfortunately upon Edgars death comparitivly recently the list has disappeared.  They concluded there are NO Known REAL Hup 20 of 1909 in Australia. There are some that would seem to have been redated.A couple of cars have been imported since the list was made. The shiping list of cars brought in by Fizakerlys is available Through the Aust and newZealand Hupmobile Register It lists Dates and Numbers. I strongly recommend you subscribe to it. Find it on Google

My opinion only. The Car Number is Never the same as the chassis number which is on top of the second X member on the LH Side  People restamped repro dash plates with the engine no because they could not find the chassis number on top of the X member.The chassis number anywhere else was not stamped by Hupmobile. The national Hup Rally was recently held in Tasmania and occurs in a different location every 2 years 

Max Burke 

Nulkaba 2325

NSW  Australia

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Is this the crossmember that will have the number, is it on top, side, or bottom? The engine and transmission numbers match and are easy to see. When did the 1911 model year get introduced to the public, and are the doors a 1911 feature or were they placed on some late 1910 models?  Bob 



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