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1960-65 Big Buick 3:42 posi center section


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I have 65 rear ends under both my 66 Wildcats and i had this low mileage center section to put in when i wanted to drive one a long way to a show.

Otherwise i run a 3:90 posi in both of them.Well i have put a Gear Vendors overdrive in the white 'Cat and TopCat won't be getting far from the Cat's Lair anymore. If there is one thing you can do to improve the drive-ability of an early big buick(especially dyna-flow equipped cars) is put 3:42 gears in them.  This is a perfect low mile set and can be put in a 63-65 Riviera also if you change the yoke flange.These gears are very hard to find anymore.No shipping......well maybe.....but you pay actual costs.

Pictures up in a day or two......



Peace   WildBill


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9 hours ago, 66kooch said:

Hey Bill,

Curious as to why you choose to run 65 rears?  is there a significant improvement in reliability? 



He can drop the center section in and out to change gearing. No need to set up the new gears in the housing as required by the `66 design. Great idea, as usual Wild Bill is a few steps ahead of us!


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