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Indian Sidecar is this Expensive ? ?

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Actually, I think it's a very fair price.  Indian is a desired motorcycle and to find a rare sidecar to complete a restoration is the "piece de resistance" for someone.  We think nothing of spending huge amounts of money for rechroming, painting, accessories.  I think he'll get it - sooner than later.

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I don't really like riding MC's with sidecars but they do go well with big U.S. V twins and 4's. The bikes were engineered with sidecars in mind.  Price is as others have pointed out pretty decent. Many bikes of this era started out with sidecars but the sidecars were tossed out in the later 1940's and 50's making surviving sidecars quite rare.  For riding I prefer British 650-750 twins. I am not a touring rider, just the odd local trip, and these days not even that.

  Greg in Canada

Still a Norton and a BSA in the garage. 

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