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Hydra-Matic won't shift

Fleetwood Meadow

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 In my ‘52 Cadillac, Hydra-Matic, I have a problem getting it to shift. The fact is it won’t shift. I just replaced the valve body because the old one had a bent T.V. shaft. When I tried to take it out I snapped the front cover. After I put it in it wouldn't shift anymore; prior to replacing it it would shift 1-4. I was suspicious that it may have been dirty after I installed it even though it appeared very clean so I took it apart and cleaned it. When I took it apart and found that the T.V. couldn’t go in all the way because the piston inside was stuck. I fixed that piston and everything moves freely as it should. There is no dirt or sludge inside it. The bands were also just adjusted. I took it apart again and cleaned the governor and blew air into all the holes under the control body. But I can’t get it to shift into second. I get up to 15-20mph and the governor won’t let it go faster and it doesn’t shift. I’ve driven it with the T.V. rod connected and disconnected and still the same situation. Before I changed the control panel it didn’t have a T.V. rod and shifted 1-4. I don’t know what else to try and really don’t want to have to take the transmission out and rebuild it just yet.  It reverses fine and takes off without slipping.


I know that everyone on here likes the idea of rebuilding, and I do as well but I am on a fixed budget right now and can't afford to rebuild it and I don't really have the space to do in my garage. What exactly does rebuilding the transmission do that isolating the problem and repairing that specific item won't do, besides remove any chance of an item inside being broken?


I appreciate any help. And please don’t say the transmission is trashed like I have seen in every transmission thread I’ve read. Thanks!

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I worked on the transmission and got it to shift to 2nd gear but it wouldn’t shift to 3rd or 4th. So I took the control valve body back out and found the 3-2 Detent Plug stuck. I fixed that and now it won’t shift out of 1st again. Do either of those books talk about that?

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