George Albright

GREAT hauler for parts,small vehicles. Runs all 48 states! See info

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Hi AACA Friends. I have used this shipper and really like him! He lives in Washington State, and regularly runs the entire state of California,then heads to the East Coast up top of the country and also down the bottom of the country. Has a diesel pickup and new 30 ft. trailer. Will haul small vehicles, motor cycles, household items, furniture,car parts, etc. Very fair pricing. Great service! Please share with our friends. Sincerely George Albright  email  NAME: Chris Badigian  Cell is 206 698 0908. His email is          

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I would suggest not wasting your time calling this guy. Very unprofessional.

First two conversations he was very cordial, I explained I needed someone to move my sons car and some apartment items from LA to NY and provide the date that they needed to be picked up. He quoted a price  and agreed to the load. He then sent a text confirming our conversation and quoted price.

My son called the next day to provide measurements of all items and to confirm the date, he then said he couldn't fit everything because he was picking up other loads.

When I called to discuss this with him, and that we discussed booking the whole trailer, he hung up


Glad I found out now as oppose to the day he was supposed to show up

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