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Wildcat 65's 1968 obsession...GS400

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Greetings good people!  I think I will drive a 68 to Denver to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of that model year.  My first car was a 68 Skylark convertible that I fixed up when I was 16.  Now there are 3 68's in and around my garage.  

1 is the GS400 coupe,  featuring Arctic White, Black vinyl top and Black vinyl bench seat interior.  Automatic transmission, column shift, 2.93:1 posi.   There was a guy named David Roth that seemed to find, fix and resell 68 and 69 GS400 cars, and this was one he did.  He had sold it to a guy in Minnesota named Chris, who wanted to have a car to modify.  He could not bring himself to do this deed to this car, so he sold it to me.  I think it was the standard hubcaps in the glamour picture from David Roth that "got me",  it just looked perfect with those hubcaps.




 Of course the first thing I did wa to try out various wheel and tire configurations :).  Torque Thrusts, then DG disc brake wheels, then dog dish hubcaps,  then the ubiquitous 15" road wheels that were available...with BFG blackwall out!  








I've been running that way since 2012 whe I drove the car to Charlotte for the BCA National Show there, where it took Silver.  Not bad for a great driver car!

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1 hour ago, JohnD1956 said:

especially because of, the blackwall tires. ;)

I thought you said you were warming up to white walls!  Either way, I think the car looks great with any of the combinations... I definitely prefer the Buick chrome wheels to the Torque Thrusts though. 

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50 minutes ago, dmfconsult said:

I thought you said you were warming up to white walls!  


I was till this. 



I washed them with the go-jo hand cleaner but did not rinse them adequately. It was a temporary situation but embarassing. 

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Currently building the "matching #s" engine for the triple black 4-speed.  I think I will test it in another car though- my 68 convertible engine has all the right parts but it does not run very well!

I have  a time waster plan to install this engine so I can sort the convertible engine out later.   Maybe not...if I just pull the engine out and fix it it would be less hassle.

Time, who knew how fast it flew!

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