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1937 Special History

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We're pretty sure that our 1937 Buick came out of California and that it has unusually low mileage.


We would like to get more history on the car and esp confirm what we believe is

the unusually low mileage


Any suggestions how we can get info from the California DMV .......or any other source ?


Jack Worstell    jlwmaster@aol.com

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You would have better luck checking with clubs and seeing if they had any previous record of ownership of the car. For example, if the car was ever awarded any award at an AACA meet, the car would be in the AACA database. I would suspect that BCA would have similar records. You might check with your insurance company and see if they had ever insured it previously. Less likely, a phone call to other antique auto specialty insurance companies, might find a sympathetic individual willing to check their database for any previous ownership records.  


I would bet that there is less than a 1% chance that California DMV would share any information with you. The privacy laws now basically prohibit that type of information being shared with the public by any governmental entity.  

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