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Hood hinge will not hold hood up.
Has any one had this problem, 
Is it just old worn out springs. Where can I get replacements?
specs call for a #8 spring
I know get a broom handle,  problem solved.

Ford replacement is a much larger spring.



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Usually the cause of the problem is worn pivot points. When one of the pivots wears, it changes the geometry of the counterbalance so that the spring is not effective any more. You may be able to see the wear with the support in the car, but to repair it, the support will have to be removed and the worn pivot repaired.


To remove the spring, force washers in between each of the coils until the tension is released.

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Vern, you might try finding a good used one or pair. To see if it is just one hinge causing the problem, have someone move the hood up and down while you watch the pivot points to see if one moves along the pivot. You can also remove the hinge, remove the spring and then see where the wear is.


It is important to keep the hood and trunk hinges and supports lubricated as the wear can hit you in the head.

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