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ALL Set for the Gilmore Meet , but...

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YES , we will be there in August , but still hard to move the '41 even today.

And yes Jeff , she will be driving it into the meet  (my wife drives 50% of the route) to the pleasure and consternation of many


     Mike Lynch


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Glad I don' have to deal with that white-stuff.  Though I wish my wife was brave enough to drive my Linc.  She has no problem with the manual transmission, it's the long hood that intimidates her (she grew up driving sub-compacts with 4 bangers.) 

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Awesome!!  Looking forward to it--Jim wants me to do the Indiana portion of the meet as well?? Drive into Shipshewanna/  Auburn

for the day, and then I think the group may roll up to Hickory Corners....we will see...I am surprised to see the white stuff still, 

our Forsythias are bloomin and I have already cut the grass ....(and had top down rides...and dead batt!)

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According to the weather forecast, it should all be gone by tomorrow at the latest. It is too bad that the Hostetler’s Hudson Museum will be auctioned off before the meet. It was a great museum and I have enjoyed several visits to it.




The trip to Auburn will be very interesting, the museums there are first class. I would use back roads to get there, not US 30. There are many interesting towns to drive through on the route from Elkhart to Auburn. I would also do the drive and not take the bus. I enjoy driving my car on the Indiana 2 lane highways.

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