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A look at the potential future values of TCs

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I find that what is happening to Fiat Dino Spider prices to be very interesting, and indicative of what might happen with TC prices.  The Fiat Dino had a story that is strikingly similar to the story of the TC.  The Spider version was produced in about the same numbers as the 16V was.  But it is 20 years older.  Have a look at the 10 year value chart:


If the Fiat Dino Spider can see this kind of appreciation as it ages, I don’t see why the TC 16V cannot.

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Midnight Cruiser can you screenshot it? I don't want to create an account just to see it.


Turbo Kane that car is beautiful I can't wait until I can afford new paint! What badge is on the side? I took the Turbo badges off of my LeBaron when I scrapped it but I'm not sure they would look right on the TC I haven't decided yet.

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