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1941 Super drive train noise, can't identify the cause


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I have a 1941 Buick Super 56s and have an unusual noise coming from what I suspect is in the drive train somewhere.  The noise is a a click, click, click or clack, clack, clack,  type of noise.  It is most noticeable and loudest when starting off in first gear.   While accelerating, the speed of the clacking noise corresponding increases and becomes fainter, until it gradually fades away at the higher RPM's,  just before shifting into second gear.  While traveling slowly in first gear, the noise will go away if the clutch is depressed and the car coasts.  The noise does not happen in second or third gear or reverse.  It only happens in first gear.


I have put the car up on jack stands and with the car idling in first gear, with the drive train turning, I tried to pinpoint the location of the noise.  It is definitely coming from the area of the bell housing/transmission/torque ball,  and is not further back in the drive train, but I can't imagine what is causing it.  I have had a repair shop remove the transmission and replace any possible damaged parts, gears, bearings, syncro's  etc. and also have had the clutch and pressure plate replaced at the same time.  I have also had the torque ball and u-joint disassembled and inspected.  During all this work, nothing obvious was found which could be causing the problem.  These efforts did nothing to change or eliminate the noise.   


I have talked with other Buick owners, who have told me they have the same noise coming from their car and experience the same circumstances.  They too are perplexed as to what might be the problem.  I have driven my car to local cars shows for about 10 years with this condition.  The car drives fine,  it's just noisy in first gear, which is somewhat embarrassing when you are traveling along slowly in a car show event.  I'm hoping someone out there in Buick land who has possibly experienced this problem might provide me with a cure or possible ideas as to what might be wrong.  I'd like to get it fixed.


Thanks, in advance,   Tim York

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May be missing a tooth on the cluster gear where 1st gear meshes with it, if tooth was missing on first gear it should tic in reverse also because 1st and reverse is the same sliding gear. If a tooth was missing on the in-put shaft it would tic in 1st, 2nd, and reverse, tic would go away in third. If it was the input bearing it should tic all the time.

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